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You’ve made it to the ‘About’ page so you’re interested in finding out a bit more about what we do, so I’ll explain.

We’re a family run business operating in Carndonagh in the beautiful peninsula of Inishowen in Co. Donegal, right up the top of Ireland.

When we were a bit younger we did some travelling, our clothes drawer is an A-Z of where we’ve been. A few years ago we noticed that if a visitor came to Inishowen and wanted to take a momento home, specifically an item of clothing, you’d have to go for a knitted sweater or flat cap with a shamrock. Its not everyone’s cup of “tae”, its not ours for sure, we like to buy a t-shirt when we go away, or a silly pair of shorts, something like that, that’s just the way we are.

One idea led to another and we came up with a few designs, got them printed and people showed an interest. From there things have moved on, we now design everything ourselves, do our own printing and have gone from selling a few t-shirts a week to selling all over the world. It’s a geographically small place Inishowen but the people do get around and we’ve noticed they love to take a bit of home with them. That’s where we fit in.

The orders are coming in from everywhere, locally of course, but mostly abroad – Australia, New Zealand, America and Korea to name a few. It’s the times we live in that our own have to go away from home to experience a better life. When they are away, we like to be part of that feeling of being from Ireland. We’re finding our t-shirts in the box in the post along with the chocolate, Lyons teabags and Tayto crisps. We’re in good company!

Pure Savage is the side of the business which designs and prints t-shirts and hoodies not specific to Inishowen. Pure Savage is more general, it can be anything from typical Irish humour to football t-shirts. It also designs and print t-shirts for hen/stag partys and birthdays and so on. Also, if there is a design you’d like printed, a one-off, we can do that for you. Basically we do a bit of everything. We think that’s the best way. Visit Pure Savage on Facebook.

So have a browse in our shop, see if there’s something you like. If not, drop us a line, we’re open to new ideas all the time.

Pure Savage is committed to environmental, ethical and equality policies both as a business. Over the last few years we have seen an increase in the volume of requests from customers to supply sustainable, eco-friendly garments. In association with our suppliers we can source these goods for our customers upon request.
High quality branded clothing

Stand out from the crowd

If you have a business or are a member of a club or group and you want some clothing with a logo or crest on, that is what we do.
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Embroidery and printing of clothing for all business, sports and social sectors.
We also design and print our own tshirts and will print your designs too!
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Monday- Thursday 09:30am - 17:00pm
Friday 09:30am - 16:00pm

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